About EEK! I Need A Geek!

Online Presence Strategist

Sue, in the middle with her laptop, has helped the women on the right. The woman on the left still has tech overwhelm.

EEK! I Need A Geek! is devoted to helping women entrepreneurs by mentoring them in website strategies, online list building strategies, and online conversion strategies and also providing them with done for you services using these strategies. We ensure that your website is maximizing it’s effectiveness for generating cash for you and implement strategies for bringing ideal clients to your website once your website is ready to maximize conversions of the visitors directed there.

EEK! I Need A Geek! was created out of Sue recognizing 3 things – how she was always helping people with the computer aspects of their businesses, how women definitely wanted help with the technical side of their business, and how she was well positioned to help them.

You won’t need to call your kids at college to do your work for you any more!

What Makes EEK! I Need a Geek! Unique?

  • Sue brings over 10 years of experience as a Quality Assurance professional at fortune 500 companies to ensure the correctness of everything she produces
  • Sue brings over 2 years of intensive training and experience with Internet Marketing Strategies to ensure a superb online presence and targeted traffic for her clients
  • Sue understands what is involved online to implement Teleseminar strategies, a service desired by thousands of entrepreneurs each year

About Sue

Sue’s passion, besides traveling, cooking, and learning new things, has always been working with computers.  Sue is gifted at helping people get rid of their technical headaches. Sue is compassionate and patient, and makes people feel comfortable asking questions to overcome their technical paralasis. With her years working as a Quality Assurance professional, Sue is also passionate to make sure that her clients webpages and other links are working totally correctly every time.  Sue helps you to make friends with your computer (or at least not be so passionately angry with it).

Sue’s Background

Sue has a BA and MS in Computer Science. Before starting her own business, she spent over 10 years as a Software Engineer in Corporate America, specializing in Quality Assurance of software, first for supercomputers that sent rockets into space, and then for retail software used in Best Buy stores worldwide.  With the downturn of the economy in 2009, Sue was forced to look for another means of income, and turned to the internet, since her background was so heavily focused with computers.  She learned all of the skills and strategies of Internet Marketing, i.e. driving traffic from the internet into a marketing funnel and bringing it through to purchasing from a website.

Sue’s Expertise

Sue is known as an expert in developing a huge Online Presence.  She has trained intensively under top Internet Marketing Gurus, which taught her all of the strategies of driving ideal clients to your website in droves. To complement this technical strategy knowledge base, Sue took additional intensive training by top Copywriters, to ensure that when she helps you drive tons of traffic to your website, that it will be well prepared to maximize sales of its visitors. Sue is also an expert in conducting Quality Assurance testing of what she produces, to make sure that what is released to you is working correctly exactly as expected.  Finally, Sue is well versed in preparing landing pages, autoresponder series follow-ups, and sales pages that her clients need in order to leverage their businesses with virtual courses such as teleseminars or webinars.

What People Say About Sue

People say that they feel very comfortable talking with Sue in spite of being ashamed that they don’t know how to do something they’re asking about.

Ideal Clients Include:

Women entrepreneurs who want to:

  • get their message out into the world, but don’t want to worry about the technical aspects of implementation
  • know about strategies used to quickly boost their online presence
  • be sure they are implementing the best strategies to drive the best traffic to their website
  • have feedback on their current strategies and fill in any gaps
  • know what is the next step to up-level their current set-up and practices