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Sue is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner AND Reseller.

Yes, you can purchase your new Infusionsoft application directly through Sue Paananen.

Why would you choose to do this?

You pay the same Set-Up fee when you order it from Sue, but you get a WHOLE LOT MORE!

  • ***** Discounts on the Monthly Subscription Fee *****
    at a substantial monthly savings to YOU
  • Receive personal and customized help from Sue in your startup, who only takes 2 startups per month. At headquarters, they ship 1000 new customers through each month – there’s no time for personal help.

  • Sue has had 4 years of participation in high level masterminds, learning cutting edge techniques in marketing, sales, and campaigns.

  • Sue has been an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant since the certification program began back in the fall of 2011. She is an expert in Infusionsoft.

You will get more support hours with Sue than you would with a kickstart from headquarters or purchased at an event. Yes, you get what you pay for if you’re quoted a ridiculously low kick-start price at an event. You don’t want to feel like a cattle being herded through the processing center, do you? In addition, Sue can always match any monthly subscription rate quote and sometimes even do better, so you’ll always get the best subscription rate.

Now that you are ready to receive at least $2000 in additional services, discounts and training by ordering Infusionsoft from Sue today, click on the button below.

or call 952-452-2350 to request your Infusionsoft application and set-up.



One-on-one consulting and implementation help in the first 30 days
A custom implementation guide to follow for the next 60 days
Analysis of your business’s needs and challenges
Help implementing the features that will make the biggest impact
Milestone completion such as
– importing your data
– setting up your free offer marketing funnel
– hooking up your merchant account
– branding your emails, shopping cart

CALL: (952) 452-2350
Our one-time setup fee comes with tons of extras and human support that you wouldn’t get from buying direct. For more info on choosing your monthly Infusionsoft rate, look below.

Need help on what to buy? Fill out our contact form to ask for help and schedule a call with Sue.


When you buy Infusionsoft through Sue Paananen, you also get these great bonuses:

Infusionsoft Cheat Sheet
Free Gift Landing Page Checklist
Website Evaluation Checklist
10 Free Offers To Capture Leads Online
CRM Spring Cleaning – Declutter Your App to Get Reorganized

Pricing for Infusionsoft:


You’ve been waiting long enough! Get your new Infusionsoft application NOW!

Getting Infusionsoft is a 2-step process. First you select which application level that best fits your company. Then you select the set-up package that you prefer.

Step 1: Select your preferred Set-Up package (required)

Gold Kickstart Package: Buy InfusionSoft through EEK! I Need a Geek! and get our generous Gold Kickstart Package. This package includes six hours of personal consulting and long-term strategic guidance; one customized campaign “done for you”; branding of your emails, shopping cart, order forms, invoices, landing pages, and thank you pages; and a full data import. $1,997

Platinum Kickstart Package: Buy InfusionSoft through EEK! I Need a Geek! and get our generous Platinum Kickstart Package. This package includes eight hours of personal consulting and long-term strategic guidance, three customized campaigns, “done for you” basic set up, a full data import, and an extra 3 hours of consulting to fix your funnel and create a killer sales pipeline to help you leverage the true power of Infusionsoft. $2,997

Step 2: Select your application (4 choices)

Essentials Edition: Best suited for companies that have basic marketing needs and don’t sell products or services online. $199/mo.*(I recommend Deluxe E-Commerce Edition)

Deluxe Sales Edition: Best suited for companies that have multiple sales people and need advanced CRM capability, or by companies with over $10,000 contacts.$299/mo.*(I recommend Deluxe E-Commerce Edition)

*** This is the Most Popular by My Clients ***

Deluxe E-Commerce Edition: Best suited for companies owned by Speakers, Authors, and Coaches that have an online presence and want to do online purchase transactions. $299/mo.*

Complete Edition: Best suited for companies that have an online store and need advanced CRM capabilities to manage a sales team. $379/mo.*(I recommend Deluxe E-Commerce Edition, except choose this if you have over $10,000 contacts)

To get any of these Infusionsoft applications:

Just fill out my application to talk with me here: I’d Like to talk to you about Infusionsoft.

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