Service Packages – explanation

Hourly packages of help from EEK! I Need a Geek!


What are some approximate times I can expect to accomplish projects?


What can be accomplished with a 10 hour package? All of the following:


  • 4 hours of phone consultation, communication, and strategizing
  • A free gifts or preview call landing page with custom designed banner (or use one you have and match it with your website)
  • An autoresponder hook up for an opt in on this page
  • Another page with a questionnaire for a strategy session created with your autoresponder
  • Custom stationary in your autoresponder (banners, colors, signature)
  • A thank you page and thank you e-mail


What can be accomplished with another 10 hours?


  • Another 4 hours of consultation and communication
  • a sales page
  • hook ups for e-mail series before and after a preview call to be broadcast
  • Thank you pages for all of the above pages
  • Hook up with your ecommerce, setting up a shopping cart and pay button
  • Setting you up to process affiliates


How about another 10 hours?


  • create a strategized Facebook Fan page with a nice welcome page, an opt in form, 3 tabs (going to your services page and your application page (or any page you choose) from your website (essentially a mini-website).
  • Learn strategies on how you can use this new fan page (as well as your profile page) to attract more friends in your target market and make sales through Facebook.


Other miscellaneous tasks that may take 2 – 5 hours:


  • strategizing your ezine and setting up its customized template
  • strategizing your website to get more visitors on your list
  • helping you find strong keywords for your website, blog posts, and articles and strategize them for SEO
  • repurposing some content you provide in a strategized way
  • helping you get a press release out
  • helping you with videos
  • branding your Twitter or Youtube backgrounds
  • helping you maintain your website and ezines


How long will a package last me?


10 hours generally lasts a month, unless you want to be on a fast track and have much more contact with more urgent projects, which may use up to 20 hours in a month


Here are Sue’s hourly packages:



Hours 10 20 30 Best Deal!
Fast action discount of 17%
Click here to purchase Give me 10 hours! I’l take 20 hours! i want the best
deal of 30hours!


10 hour link is:


20 hour link is:


30 hour link is:



Hours 10 20 30 Best Deal!
Non-Sassy Fast action discount of 17%
Sassy discount off of normal price
Sassy fast action
Click here to purchase



Just imagine all the preparations done for your teleclass, or getting lots of people on your autoresponder list from strategized opt in forms and strategized pages (the list is where the gold is).


If you’d like to reduce your price even further, sign up to be an affiliate, and when you refer a friend who purchases an hourly package, you get a commission check for $150 – $500, depending on the package your friend purchases.



Sue’s package proposal for Tech support

and Online Strategy Consultations


When you purchase a package of hours, here’s what you’ll get:


  • An account with me in basecamp, that you can choose to use or not, but it helps keep track of tasks, responsibilities, time schedule, events and appointments, messages, files, and memos involved with your projects.
  • A weekly status report will be e-mailed to you detailing the work that was accomplished, how long each task took, and the hours of help remaining on your account.
  • After each phone consultation, an email will be sent to you summarizing the conversation and the to-do lists for my team and the client, making sure everyone stays on top of the project.
  • If you purchase 10 hours, you get a 2.5 hour time slot of my time per week so the hours are spread over 4 weeks. If you purchase 20 hours, you may have up to 5 hours of my time slots per week.
  • For each 2.5 hours, some of that time will be in phone or skype conversations with you. We can talk for 15 min, 30 min, or up to 60 min in the 2.5 hour spot that I’ve reserved for you. Some people choose more talk time for more strategizing, and others choose less talk time to allow for more straightforward implementation work.
  • If you have an urgent task and you need additional time in a given week that I may have to fit in during the evening, weekend, or holiday, that is doable, but it will include a surcharge of $35 per hour for any hours of requested work which need to fall outside of normal business hours, 9am – 5:30pm CST, which can be arranged on an availability basis, and will be charged within 1 week of being used. (Not $35/hour, but $35 per hour in addition to what you paid for your hourly package). For example, Fred has a 20 hour package. 3 of these 20 hours involved work that he requested to be done over the weekend to complete it by Monday. Fred will be billed $105 in addition to the package price.
  • An additional service you can request is data entry services, if you have a lot of similar data that needs to be entered into a website page or database. My team can accommodate this, and the price point is different than for tech support and online presence strategies. If this sounds like it may be you, please ask about it.