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I Want to Create a Social Buzz
Packages can be purchased individually or combined with others for a discount.

This is for you if:

  • You want up-level your Social Media presence online
  • You’d like a juicy fan page and strategies to get people there and what to do with them when they get there
  • You want to have your Twitter and Youtube accounts branded to your website, and to start having help putting content in them
  • You want to understand how to get the most out of these platforms in the least amount of time.


Facebook Fan Page

Ready for a fan page? Not just the kind of fan page that anyone can do, but the full page looks-like-a-website-and-even-has-an-optin-box type of fan page, where to see it you must “like” it. It includes a 3 session course on how to bring people to your Fan page, including how to throw a Facebook party and how to use Facebook paid advertizing.


Fully Branded Twitter and Youtube pages

This includes custom design backgrounds to match your website as well as 3 months of done for you services of getting followers and tweeting, 3 months of admission to the Finish Agent to work on your videos or posts, tweets, or uploads, and admission to a 5 week teleseminar on how to strategically use Twitter and Video Blogging to draw traffic to your site and raise the page rank of your website (to increase links to your website).


Social Media Strategies

How would you like to understand how to get the most out of these platforms in the least amount of time? Sound great? Let’s get started! This package will walk you through how to combine your social media platforms for an integrated syndication of your content and relationship marketing efforts. It will also help you understand why this is key to a strong online presence. In addition, you will learn how to piggyback off of other people’s social media accounts to strengthen your own.


Questions About These Packages?

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