Blogging Made Easy


Blogging Made Easy – How to Build Your List and Get Clients With Your Blog


How’s your blog working for you?  Are you generating enough leads and clients from it?  Would you like to make the biggest impact with your blog in the shortest amount of time? And, why is blogging important, anyway?
In this powerful session you’ll discover how to:

•    Easily overcome the biggest blocks in being consistent with a blog.
•    Ensure you’re not wasting your time and efforts in writing and publishing your blog posts
•    Easily add a few simple items that allow people to find you when they’re searching on Google.
•    Irresistibly lead blog visitors into your marketing funnel, and have them help syndicate your blog post.
•    Implement 3 easy steps to improve your blog immediately.

Interview Questions:

1. Why should blogging be an important part of our marketing plan?
2. What are some of the common problems business owners have today with being consistent with their blogging?
3. Do you have any solutions to these problems?
4. How do you make it easy for people to write content for a blog?
5. How can we know that our blog posts are effective and have the results that we want them to have?
6. What do you recommend to make it easier for people to be consistent in posting blogs?
7. Is there anything to be careful about NOT to do in blogging?
8. What are some things people SHOULD blog about?
9. What are 3 things our listeners can do right away to make blogging easier for them?
10. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our listeners?  Is there anything you have to offer to them?