Starter Package

Packages can be purchased individually or combined with others for a discount.

This is for you if:

    • you are in your first or second year of your business
    • you haven’t done a preview call yet and need a preview call sign up page and sales page
    • you haven’t done a teleseminar yet and need a moodle site for your course
    • you haven’t done a website yet (or a website that you’re happy with for your new business) and want to get started with that


    Networking Jumpstart

    You don’t have your pages for your website all ready, but you want to have a site to send visitors to, along with a matching business card.  We’ll make you a 1 page customized website, which saves you money compared to a full website and gives you room to change your mind on what you want done, yet allows potential clients to learn more about you when you hand them your attractively matching new business card.


    Fully Branded WordPress Website

    When your business is clear enough to know what you want to say on the different pages of your website, work with one of our Branding experts to develop a fully branded and Search Engine Optimized Website, complete with Header, Logo, Business Cards, and the whole 9 yards.


    Preview Call and Sales Page Setup

    We’ll make you a preview call invite page (landing page) and sales page to join your upcoming teleseminar.  Your landing page will be hooked up to your autoresponder of choice (recommend 1shoppingcart, infusionsoft, or aweber), and your sales page will be hooked up to your shopping cart of choice to accept payments (recommend 1shoppingcart, infusionsoft, or paypal).   Also included are a press release and series of autoresponder e-mails as recommended in 6figureteleseminar.


    Moodle Course Setup

    After your preview call and encore call, your class is almost ready to begin.  But you’ll need a virtual classroom for the participants to login to and to post your notes, audios, or videos for them to do their homework and get the most out of your course.  Let us set it all up for you.


    Questions About These Packages?

    To inquire further about any of these packages, including if they are a good fit for your needs and marketing budget, click the green “Inquire Online” button on the right and fill out the form provided. We will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss your needs.

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