Targeted Traffic

Bring on the Targeted Traffic!
SEO strategies and paid advertizing strategies:
Packages can be purchased individually or combined with others for a discount.

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to explode the traffic to your website and take a quantum leap in your Online Presence
  • You are prepared to accept tons of traffic to your website that has an irresistable optin box or online inquiry form, is well-monetized and prepared for automated sales, and your business is leveraged to support the traffic
  • You want to maximize internet marketing methods of SEO to drive your ideal clients directly to you
  • You want to be seen online as the expert in your field, and develop an excellent Online Presence


SEO Package 1 – Building Up New Content

Your business is relatively new, and you haven’t developed a lot of written content for it yet.  You know you need to write content for blog posts, articles, videos, press releases, ezines, and more, but you never get around to it, and if you did, you wouldn’t know how to do certain parts of it anyway.  You need help, support, and accountability to make new content to drive large quantities of your ideal clients to your nicely designed website or landing page.


SEO Package 2 – Repurposing Previous Content

You’ve had your business for awhile and you’ve developed a good amount of content for it already. Your business is rapidly being leveraged and you want to use the content you already have and let someone else repurpose it for you in articles, web pages, blog posts, ezines, and the social networks in order to give you on TOP with a Targeted Online Presence.


Google Adwords Package – Bring on That Traffic!

Have you thought about trying out Pay Per Click advertising, but have been blocked by not knowing how to do it?  Let us do it for you.  Our experts have spent years doing Pay Per Click advertizing, and will work with you to develop campaigns that will explode your traffic.


Press Release Package  – Spreading the Word

A great method of syndication (spreading word about you far and wide for the most people to see it) is through press releases.  Take advantage of this method of showing yourself the expert in your field and telling the world about yourself and your business.


Questions About These Packages?

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