Testimonial for Consulting Package:

“Sue was SO helpful in continuing to move me forward in my business and in my presence online, and we got SO much done over the time of working together. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat!

Now my website is great, I’ve created or had makeovers on my Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook accounts, I know how to do Hootsuite, Google hangouts, and press releases, my talks are ready, my ezine goes out consistently, my email marketing funnel is working, and I’m bringing in leads, promoting my events, and creating joint ventures. Thank you so much, Sue!”

Betty Withrow of www.BettyOfBigSur.com

Testimonial for Infusionsoft start up.

“Not only did Sue understand my business…but she was also really wonderful at translating the more complicated technology to my assistant…It was because of Sue’s really powerful attention to detail and ability to understand the objective that I had for my business that we were able to get our data transfer of over 8000 contacts done in less than 6 weeks…She helped set up all the complicated stuff behind the scenes and she made it easy for us like butter on hot toast.”

Amethyst Wyldfyre of www.TheEmpoweredMessenger.com

Testimonial for Online Presence Strategies.

“She’s a genius! She not only understands the technical parts of it, but she understands the big picture of coordinating the pieces…She helps develop a strategy that makes sense, and she’s just a pleasure to work with…She follows up like no one else I’ve ever worked with. The experience I had working with her was over the top wonderful.”

Bob Uslander of www.DoctorsOnPurpose.com

Testimonial for a VIP day to map out a launch campaign in Infusionsoft.

“Sue is extremely flexible, and will stay up and work with you until the project is done…she gives it a caring and personal touch that makes you feel like she’s holding your hand the whole way…GO WITH SUE!”

Satori Mateu of www.TheLoveMessager.com

Testimonial of what it’s like working with Sue.

“After working with Sue – oh my gosh, my life got SO much easier! I was in overwhelm. I needed a geek, and she’s my go-to geek… She is so brilliant and genius at what she does! I was chaotic…now things get taken care of in a moment’s notice. Sue is the REAL DEAL!”

Esther Hatfield of www.AbuseHealed.com

Testimonial for new business owner’s first Free Gift Landing Page.

“I didn’t know where to start..she helped me figure it ALL out, including the marketing funnel behind (the opt-in page)…Now I’m confident and prepared to speak and to build my list. Thanks Sue!”

Lisa Hatamoto of www.MasteringCommonCoreForParents.com

Testimonial for Infusionsoft ezine creation for a list of over 10,000.

“Sue has been fabulous to work with, she just went above and beyond. She put lots of energy and effort into it far beyond what I expected…to help get the pieces together for our business.”

Mellanie True Hills of www.StopAfib.org

Testimonial for new business owner’s first Free Gift Landing Page.

“Sue has made all the difference in my business life…I can’t tell you how patient and how technically supportive Sue is. My business is just starting…and within 1 month I now have 40 people on my list and an ezine going out. Thank you, Sue!”

Valerie Sorrentino of www.ValsGift.com

Testimonial for new business owner’s first Free Gift Landing Page.

“When I came to Sue, I thought I had it all together, and then she showed me what a real page was suppose to look like. All I had to do was send her information and she made it easy and comfortable…I’ve grown my list to 100 in less than 2 months…Also since I started working with Sue, I managed to get my very first client, and then got a second client right away! I’m prepared and ready to receive lots more!”

Crystal Gifford of www.EmpoweredWealthNetwork.com

Testimonial for Infusionsoft Event Campaign set up.

“I want to let you know about Sue Paananen and her incredible customer service. Sue was able to step in at the last minute [helping set up Infusionsoft for my first event] and we were able to step into sales right after the event because of the work Sue did for me.”

Jamie Amidon of www.DecideToFly.com

Testimonial for Infusionsoft start up.

“She’s the coolest Geek ever! She showed me what Infusionsoft could do for me and taught me what I needed to know. She went above and beyond just setting up campaigns. She gave pointers, tips, and materials that I would have had to take a marketing course to get. Thank you Sue, for making it so easy for me to get out there and have people like me, trust me, and buy from me.”

Paul Newton of www.bodymindstudio.com

Testimonial for experienced business owner’s several Infusionsoft campaigns and data organization.

“Sue has helped me fix one problem after another…If you need an expert and you’re looking to do it right from the beginning and not have months and months of torment and errors that cost you time and money, I give my highest recommendations to work with Sue from the START because the only way to do it is the right way. Get it systematized and then it’s SO relaxing. I’m forever grateful.”

Dr. Manon Bolliger of http://RebootYourBody.ca

Testimonial for Initial start up work for a few months, and then continued advanced Infusionsoft automation campaigns for later launches.

“In a nutshell, Sue Paananen has saved my life. I hunted for 2 months for the right back end support/designer person. These are the reasons I am SO GLAD NOW I chose Sue: I simply cannot imagine walking this back end path with someone NOT familiar with Vrinda Normand’s system and how much more work it would be to try to explain it to them. She knows which pieces go where and when. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the whole systematic process and Sue is like my own private tutor thank God.She offers incredible marketing tips. For example, she recommended I add something to a handout I gave yesterday, and that alone yielded me 5 Discovery Sessions I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. My technophobia doesn’t seem to bother her…she handles the smallest and largest tasks swiftly. And she absolutely turns on a dime and gets things done pronto. Which is good since apparently I can only function by the seat of my pants. Sigh. Working on that.”

…year later update, after switching to B and C class VA’s for a few months, then returning to Sue…

“What I need is TRUST…trust that what is supposed to happen DOES happen. I realized hiring you may very well be the most empowering decision I’ve made yet as a business woman. I can’t tell you how at peace I am. SO nice you’re in the background. And no, I cannot live without you so we’ll have to talk contracts for 2014. I’m too much of a perfectionist to go with anyone else. 🙂 Thank you Sue.”

Linda Albright of http://unleashurbiz.com

Testimonial for first launch.

“One of the best decisions I made in the long time was to work with Sue Paananen, the brilliant owner of EEK! I need a geek! (By the way, what a name for a business! This is exactly how I felt looking at my computer day after day, week after week, and boy, did I need help there!) Having Sue in my life literally changed everything. She is not only a terrific tech expert, but also has an in-depth understanding of marketing. How often do you find a person who has both of those skills? When Sue came on board I was facing a deadline with so many pieces still needing to be put in place. Sue calmly took over, and one-by-one it all came together. I felt as if a loving and caring friend was holding my hand all the way through and that all my concerns will be addressed and taken care of… And they were! I felt totally supported, which was as important as Sue’s expertise. I couldn’t have made a better choice and how lucky I was that she was available!”

Auriela Mccarthy, The Spiritual Dear Abby, of www.AurielaMccarthy.com

Testimonial for Infusionsoft Startup and Ongoing Maintenance Support.

“I can’t say enough about Sue and the service and insights she’s given me in the past year. Start with she’s set me up on a complicated platform and launched a few campaigns for me. But, for me, the real beauty is that she met me where I am, while she’s doing it. I am a pure technophobe and she doesn’t make me feel stupid or like a slacker because I don’t get it, and don’t really want to. What she does do is make sure I understand all the moving pieces, what they’re intended to do, and when she needs me to supply one. She tracks this part of the business while I attend to the substance. She is a true partner! I’d never be where I am now without her.”

Jane Beard of www.theinvisiblelight.com and www.dissolvestagefright.com

Testimonial for Infusionsoft help.

“Shout out to Sue Paananen for helping me start breaking through my Infusionsoft confusion. Your gentle coaching and expertise is much appreciated and highly recommended.”

Marilyn Carmona of www.carmonachiropractic.com