Are you a women entrepreneur who wants to be free of the techie side of your business and generate a lot more cash flow by having your systems set up strategically? Then welcome to EEK! I Need a Geek!

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"Top 10 Tips To Drive Traffic to Your Website"
Founder, Sue Paananen


For business owners who know they need to get their businesses online but want more clarity on how to do so. We offer trainings and recommended tools to accomplish these goals. The courses cover your online foundation, presence, strategies, and tools.

Consulting and VAs

When you need help to move forward in your business and get things done, Sue offers 1-1 consulting about online marketing, launches, business automation and growing a stable business, along with some done-for-you or VA services to achieve your business goals.

Ready to maximize your ROI with the 3-in-1 software Infusionsoft? Whether you want to buy it, advance to a higher usage level and understanding of it, or have advanced integrated perpetual campaigns in your application, we can help. We can do it for you, too.

Meet Sue

Ever since she was a child, Sue’s had an analytical mind, being very curious about the world and very detail oriented in her observations. She used this natural analytical bend to advance her education and skills in the world of technology. As other women business owners noticed this about Sue and sought after her for her skillset, she made an observation about the business world, that what most people find overwhelming in their business on the techie side of things, she found easy, and was thrilled to turn her expertise and love for all things technical into a business that could really make a difference in the world by helping so many heart-based businesses get their message out into the world in a big way.

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What Clients Say

Linda Albright

You're the best, Sue. Next to my coach, you're the most important investment I've made.  You are truly amazing-quickly adapting, responding, always strategizing, and eager to learn new technologies.  And an awesome sense of humor.  I cannot live without you, I'm too much of a perfectionist to go with anyone else. Couldn't ask for more, you're worth every penny.

Jane Beard

I can’t say enough about Sue and the service and insights she’s given me in the past year. Start with she’s set me up on a complicated platform and launched a few campaigns for me. But, for me, the real beauty is that she met me where I am, while she’s doing it. I am a pure technophobe and she doesn’t make me feel stupid or like a slacker because I don’t get it, and don’t really want to. What she does do is make sure I understand all the moving pieces, what they’re intended to do, and when she needs me to supply one. She tracks this part of the business while I attend to the substance. She is a true partner! I’d never be where I am now without her.

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"Top 10 Tips To Drive Traffic to Your Website"