10 Ways to Get Help with Infusionsoft for Free

  • June 29, 2016 /

10 Ways to Get Help with Infusionsoft for Free

Yes, you heard me right. TEN very easy ways to get help with Infusionsoft. For all of the people who say, “Infusionsoft is too confusing for me” there’s no excuse to not get some help. Certainly, the best way to make Infusionsoft the easiest and most hands-off way for you is to hire a skilled professional to do it 100% for you (like me). If that’s not possible with your cash-flow, then here are 10, count ’em, TEN EASY AND ALL FREE WAYS to get help with your Infusionsoft application.

1. Infusionsoft Help Desk

If you’re a phone person, the Infusionsoft help desk is free to call and available from 8:00am – 5:00pm M-F Arizona time. You can reach it at 866-800-0004.

2. Infusionsoft Chat Support

If you’re a chat person, or a phone person preferably but it’s off-hours for the help desk, you can always pull up an instant chat with a real person 24/7. The people on the instant chat are super helpful.

3. Infusionsoft Video Library

If you’re a visual person, the video library covers every aspect of Infusionsoft and is available at http://help.infusionsoft.com/training/Videos.


4. Infusionsoft User’s Guide

If you’d rather read about something, there’s the Infusionsoft Online User Guide that you can access at http://ug.infusionsoft.com.


5. Infusionsoft’s Click For Help

Have you ever noticed the black tab at the lower right hand side of the screen in your Infusionsoft application? Have you ever clicked it? It’s there for YOU, to help you instantly whenever needed.

6. Infusionsoft Marketplace

What kind of information can you find in the marketplace? You can find campaign templates and apps you can use for free. Some are for a small fee. You can find Infusionsoft certified consultants for campaign support and developers for API support. Check it out at http://marketplace.infusionsoft.com.


7. Infusionsoft User Community Forum

Did you know that Infusionsoft has their own free community forum where users can ask each other questions and read helpful information that others have posted? You can check it out at http://community.infusionsoft.com.


8. Infusionsoft Blog

Infusionsoft has their company blog that has posts from their experts who give tons of valuable posts to help people like you for free. Take a look at http://blog.infusionsoft.com


9. Infusionsoft Local User Groups

Did you know that Infusionsoft certified consultants all around the world have formed local Infusionsoft user groups? Chances are there’s one not too far from where you live. Click the map below to find out where the nearest one to you is. Then attend the meetings and ask all the questions you want to the consultant and other attendees while you’re there.


10. Use Your Google Muscle

Whatever you’re struggling with regarding Infusionsoft late at night – struggle no more. No need to even check out any of the above resources if you don’t want to. Just type your question into the google search bar. That’s right. It’s that simple. Any long question you could possibly have about Infusionsoft will be answered by something that someone wrote about it that comes up when you type your question into the google search bar. The answer may indeed come from one of the above sources, but it’s nice to instantly pinpoint where the exact answer is to your question without browsing, but rather using the “give me the answer NOW” approach, which is the google search engine. I don’t think you need an image for this simple method.

If you still want additional help, I’m here for you. As a certified Infusionsoft consultant, I help people with their Infusionsoft application on a daily basis. I even have a virtual Infusionsoft user group that you can join if there isn’t a local one near you. Head over to my Contact Me tab if you’d like to ask me to call you about it.

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