Sue is an Infusionsoft Reseller.

Discounts on the Monthly Subscription Fee at a substantial monthly savings to YOU!

Receive personal and customized help from Sue in your startup, who only takes 2 startups per month.  At headquarters, they help 1000 new customers through each month – there’s not much time for personal help.

Sue has had several years of experience with high level masterminds and working with 7-figure clients, learning cutting edge techniques in marketing, sales, and campaigns.

Sue has been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner since the certification program began back in the fall of 2011.  She has been using Infusionsoft nearly daily ever since and is an expert in Infusionsoft.

You will get more support hours with Sue than you would with a kickstart from headquarters or purchased at an event.  Yes, you get what you pay for if you’re quoted a super low kick-start price at an event.  You don’t want to feel like a cattle being herded through the processing center, do you?  In addition, Sue can always match any monthly subscription rate quote and often even do better, so you’ll always get the best discounted rate.

To receive these additional services, discounts, and Infusionsoft training by ordering Infusionsoft from Sue, click on the button below to book an appointment with Sue and request your Infusionsoft application and set-up.

Here’s what you will get:

1. One-on- one consulting and implementation help in the first 60 days.

2. A custom implementation guide to follow for the next 60 days.

3. Analysis of your business’s needs and challenges.

4. Help implementing the features that will make the biggest impact.

5. Milestone completion such as

importing your data.

setting up your free offer marketing funnel.

hooking up your merchant account.

branding your emails and order forms.

organizing your tags, products, campaigns, and emails.

Our one-time setup fee comes with lots of extra personal support that you wouldn’t get from buying directly from headquarters or at an event.

You’ve been waiting long enough! Get your new Infusionsoft application NOW!

What Clients Say

Marilyn CarmonaUI/UX Designer

Shout out to Sue Paananen for helping me start breaking through my Infusionsoft confusion. Your gentle coaching and expertise is much appreciated and highly recommended.

Jane BeardUI/UX Designer

I can’t say enough about Sue and the service and insights she’s given me in the past year. Start with she’s set me up on a complicated platform and launched a few campaigns for me. But, for me, the real beauty is that she met me where I am, while she’s doing it. I am a pure technophobe and she doesn’t make me feel stupid or like a slacker because I don’t get it, and don’t really want to. What she does do is make sure I understand all the moving pieces, what they’re intended to do, and when she needs me to supply one. She tracks this part of the business while I attend to the substance. She is a true partner! I’d never be where I am now without her.

Getting Infusionsoft is a 2-step process.

First you select the set-up package that you prefer.  Then you select which application level that best fits your company.

Step 1: Select your preferred Set-Up package (required)

Gold Kickstart Package:

This package includes six hours of personal consulting and long-term strategic guidance; three campaigns “done for you”; branding of your emails, order forms,landing pages, and thank you pages; and an import of your contact list. $1,997

Platinum Kickstart Package:

This package includes ten hours of personal consulting and long-term strategic guidance, six campaigns, “done for you”, branding of your emails, order forms,landing pages, and thank you pages; and an import of your contact list. $2,997

Step 2: Select your application (4choices)

We’ll discuss which level of Infusionsoft best fits your needs when we talk.

   To get any of these Infusionsoft applications:

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