Consulting and Support Services


For entrepreneurs who are just getting started or have a few clients but have not reached 6-figures yet.

I offer ongoing consultations with entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of their business. Focus areas include automating lead capture, sales and marketing, mastering a strategy session, and turning leads into a loyal client base.

Virtual Assistant (VA) Services

For entrepreneurs in the 5-figure range who are ready and able to offload some of the tech work to a VA.

Need someone you can trust to handle your techie stuff?  Look no further.  Check out our VA packages to help get rid of your techie headaches.

Support Team Services

For entrepreneurs in the mid 6-figure to 7-figure range who are ready to scale their business with a team they can rely on. We up-level your systems, strategies, and support team.

Prevent your growing business from turning into your 7-figure nightmare by getting the expert team support needed as you scale your business. We offer full or part-time support in the areas of tech needs, customer support, executive assistants, project management, and sales reps, that can be scaled as your business scales. We include backup support.

Special Project Support

For entrepreneurs who have a special task they need done such as a list cleaning or switching from one system to another. Also for those who would like a full VIP day (or 2 or 3) of consulting and implementation.

We review existing systems and find gaps, breakdowns, and clogged or cluttered areas and clean it up, fixing the hole in your pocket that’s leaking the money that you’ve worked so hard to generate in your business. We also do fast track implementation for a launch.

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