Don’t Sell The Goat!

  • June 25, 2013 /

I had a big “Aha” moment from the heifer project, giving heifer goats to families in need. This is the second post in this series about my trip to Uganda with Just Like My Child.

Another thing about this program that really made an impact on me was the fact that some of the goat owners would need to come up with a larger sum of money to pay a medical bill, so they would sell the goat to come up with quick money. They had to learn that this defeated the purpose of them becoming self-sustaining, and that instead they needed to put a small sum aside each month from the sale of the milk to build up for medical bills of this nature.

This made me really think about our businesses, and that we can’t be spending every last cent of savings to invest in our business, because we’ll end up “selling the goat”, and not having anything left to “milk”, and instead use only abundance and skimming the cream for investing purposes rather than investing all of our savings.

I’m guilty of spending too much savings on my business, and from now on, I plan to refer to my savings as my “goat”, maintaining a certain amount of it to use to grow it and only use the growth part for investing. When I think of my principle amount as a goat, it’s easier to think of keeping it in a whole amount, rather than chipping away at it when the temptation arises. A half of a goat gives no milk, and half of a principle is likewise compromised to be helpful to us.

If you ever have a chance to go on a trip with a non-profit, don’t hesitate. It will give you lots of insights into the organization, your own business, and life in general.

Check out another post from this Just Like My Child trip to Uganda called, A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out. I invite you to share this post with the sharing options below, and also to leave comments below. I’ll give you a backlink to your blog as a thank you.

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