Email Marketing – Announce and Remind

  • October 5, 2016 /

Part 2 of a 3 part series on Email Marketing

Have you ever wanted to know more about what people mean when they talk about email marketing? There’s definitely more to it than meets the eye.

Email marketing involves an autoresponder and email sequences. I group email sequences into 3 different categories. This blog post is about the category I call “Announce and Remind”.

The announcement emails are FYA, or for your action, to take action to buy something or opt-in to participate in something for free. The reminder emails are mainly FYI emails, i.e. mainly for the readers information.

Three common uses for this type of Email Marketing

These emails are all based on a calendar date, and are most commonly used to:

1. Announce an event, a course, or a free call or webinar.
2. Remind course members to be on the course calls.
3. Remind event attendees to do things prior to the event like reserve a room or do some pre-work, or they contain directions to the venue or directions to dial in.

Beware of the dangers of this type of Email Marketing

The danger is that the people on your list receiving these reminders will become unresponsive to these reminders due to:

1. Overly frequent reminders.
2. Cut and pasted copy in these emails.
3. Exceedingly boring or repetitious subject headers.

When they become unresponsive to this type of email, they become unresponsive to your other types of emails, too, and the open rates of your emails will be lowered, making you less attractive to partner with.

You want to be conscious of changing up the copy in these emails to be story-based, or have some very interesting information, trivia, or analogy to encourage engaged readers who’ll keep opening your emails even if they know what the news is, just to see the funny or thoughtful part.

Why is this good information to know? When you’re planning how you will be connecting with the people on your list, you’ll want to have email sequences of all 3 of the types of emails. It’s good to make sure that they’re being used appropriately and in a way that will best move your business forward. Each type of sequence should be monetized, yet build a relationship between you and your list.

This type of email sequence can be monetized from getting more people to attend calls or events since they won’t have forgotten about it and they’ll be excited to come, thus raising your revenue with the same conversion rates, since your attendance number will be higher and your people will be more engaged. Also, after an event, this type of email sequence is KEY to gathering post-event sales, if your offer is open for a week or two after the event.

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