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  • September 21, 2016 /

Part 1 of a 3 part series on Email Marketing

Have you ever wanted to know more about what people mean when they talk about email marketing? There’s definitely more to it than meets the eye.

Email marketing involves an autoresponder and email sequences. I group email sequences into 3 different categories. This blog post is about the category I call “Content Based”.

Most commonly used to teach a homestudy course or welcome a new person to your list, content based emails are “evergreen”, meaning they are not tied to any dates.

There is no news in them that is date related, but they are meant to provide the contact or client with value that they’ve requested to learn a new skill or tip.

The #1 use of this type of email sequence is from a free offer landing page. I call it a welcome sequence that is connected to a gift page. It is used to help a new person get to know, like, and trust you better. Your free gift page is your welcome mat or open door to your business, and your content-based email sequence that is sent to the person who opts in to get your free gift is the way you treat them special when they first walk in. It gives lots of content – free samples of this and that (parts of your free gift), and gets them acquainted with your personality (from your voice), and with what people say about you (from testimonials they contain).

The other use of this type of email sequence is when someone purchases a homestudy course from you that’s self-paced. They get the course modules at certain intervals, or sometimes get access to a membership site that has all of the course materials, and nudges periodically to see how they’re doing with the course. The emails are generally filled with the content of the course, or information on how the content of the course can be accessed. Date is not a factor in these emails, as the course can be entered at any time and is self paced.

Why is this good information to know? When you’re planning how you will be connecting with the people on your list, you’ll want to have email sequences of all 3 of the types I discuss. It’s good to make sure that they’re being used appropriately and in a way that will best move your business forward. Each type of sequence should be monetized, yet build a relationship between you and your list.

This type of email sequence can be monetized from upsells towards the end of a course, or invitations to view your products and services from a welcome sequence. All welcome sequence emails should also contain a call to action to fill out your application to have a complimentary initial conversation with you to determine what their needs are and if they might be a good fit for your higher-level services.

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