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  • October 19, 2016 /

Part 3 of a 3 part series on Email Marketing

Email marketing involves an autoresponder and email sequences. I group email sequences into 3 different categories. This blog post is about the category I call “Nurture Sequences”.

The nurture sequence is one of the most important types of sequence to use as you grow your list.

Nurture Sequences are most commonly known as a Newsletter or Ezine, but they aren’t the only kind of nurture sequence that people can write. As the name implies, the most important part of having nurture sequences is to build your relationship with your contact list, and talk to them very conversationally. Get to be a good friend to your readers.

Three common uses for this type of Email Marketing

These emails are usually based on a calendar date, but not due to an event, but rather on what day it is of the week, or what week it is of the month. They are most commonly used as:

1.Newsletters or Ezines(these two words can be used interchangeably).
2.Short inspirational quotes, thoughts, teachings, or meditations sent regularly.
3.Monthly specials or Holiday greetingsthroughout the year.

There are many strategies with nurture sequences

In a nutshell, here are some strategies to use with each of the 3 types of nurture sequences mentioned above:

1. Ezines – have sections in it to share yourself, share your news, share a featured article, share your products or service offers, and share your client’s stories.
2. Short teachings – Make them look great, and give a call to action to contact you and tell them how.
3. Holiday greetings – Make them unique to you, not canned and average.

The strategies mentioned here will engage your readers and give you options to nurture your list. For example, if a newsletter is overwhelming to you, then choose a short teachings nurture sequence instead – they tend to be easier. But don’t neglect this type of email sequence due to overwhelm. Do whatever works for you, but do something.

An ezine can be monetized by using affiliate links for recommendations, inviting people to fill out your online application for an initial consult, offering your own products or courses, and other affiliate links for products. A short teaching sequence can be monetized by including a link to click where people can apply to talk with you. A holiday greeting can be monetized by being accompanied by a holiday sale special.

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