Ezine or Newsletter – How to grow your list with them

  • May 18, 2016 /

This post is part of a 5 part series about ezines. In my previous blog post, I explain how to monetize your ezine.

Most people understand that ezines are the way to “nurture” your existing contact list, or stay in communication with them on a regular basis. Ezines are not thought of as a way to grow your list. While the nurturing aspect is a very important aspect of ezines, it is also true that you can include strategic elements to it that will grow your list. Looking at the picture shown here, you can see a button with “send me this ezine” on it, for friends to click and be added to your newsletter list.

The elements that you can add to an ezine to grow your list are:

1. A link or button at the top of the ezine encouraging someone to click it and be added to your list if they aren’t currently on it.
2. A section encouraging people to share, post, tweet, or forward your ezine to their friends and connections.

That’s it. It’s really very simple how to grow your list with your ezine or newsletter. Make sure you have these basic elements in your ezine to maximize the opportunity to continually grow your list.

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