Ezine or Newsletter – Must Have Sections To Include – And Why

  • April 6, 2016 /

What Sections to Include in Your Ezine

Everyone wonders what sections to include in their ezine.

There are strategies as to why certain sections should be included. In this blog post I’ve included typical section headers and what the underlying strategy is.

A Personal Note

The first section should be something personal about the writer, such as what they’ve been doing lately, perhaps about a family vacation or something that happened in their family. The strategy behind this section is to have the reader get to know, like, and trust the writer better.


A section for events is optional, but definitely helpful in many ways. It not only keeps the reader updated on events that you’re involved with, but gives you more credibility as the expert if you always have some event to talk about where you’ll be speaking.

Featured Article

A not-to-be-missed section is a content value section with some brief article that gives value to your reader without being overly long. There should be some eye-catching image to break up the boring effect of only words. I also recommend an “assignment” or a challenge to implement something that’s discussed, with an invitation to share results that happen as a result of implementing the recommended action.

Success Story

The success story section highlights one of your clients that’s been having great success. It’s essentially a testimonial. You can request testimonials from your clients and include their headshot, name, tagline, and website, but I don’t recommend making their website a clickable link. This is not a monetizing section, it’s a gaining credibility section.

Recommended resources

This is one of the monetizing sections. There should be a few links in this section, all to places where you can get sales or earn commissions. Here is where you’d place your affiliate links. They can be for a person, your products or other people’s products, or software.

Call to action to share, like, post, tweet.

A sharing section is a must-have section with the purpose of further syndicating your ezine, building your list from your existing list. All of your social media icons should be here with as clickable links to not only friend or follow you, but also to tweet or post about you.

Bio and photo

Don’t neglect the bio section. This is a monetizing section. Besides telling the reader about yourself, you’ll also want to invite them to fill out an application to talk with you to explore working with you. Of course, this section also adds credibility to you.

In my next blog post, I’ll write about why your ezines should be consistent.

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