Ezine or Newsletter – Why They Should Be Consistent

  • April 20, 2016 /

Ezines or newsletters are the method of maintaining a relationship with your leads, a way of keeping in front of them so they know what you’re doing, a way for them to continue to gain value from you.

You will be having events going on, and you should keep your people informed about them.

If you stop sending your ezine, your leads will stop thinking about you. If half a year goes by, they may forget who you are, or get more interested in working with other people they hear from more often.

When the people on your list do finally get an ezine from you if you’ve missed a few months, they may not remember you and hit the spam button. Spam does not depend on your content, or whether they opted into your list. Spam is in the eyes of the beholder. If a person hits the spam button on your newsletter, then you are marked as spam, even if they opted into your list long ago.

The best way to start up an ezine again if you’ve missed a few months is to alert people with a big notice, or better yet a video, that if they don’t want to get ezines from you any more, then please simply opt out. This prepares them to better receive your next ezine without marking you as spam.

Provide them with an obvious button or link at the top of your newsletter where they can opt out rather than clicking the spam button. A good strategy is to create a page that they will land on when they click the button to opt out, and give them a second chance to reconsider, perhaps with a funny or catchy video. This will prevent the curious people who wonder what will happen if they click the large opt-out button from actually opting out, and their curiosity will be satisfied.

In my next blog post, I’ll write about how to better monetize your ezine

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