Using The Free Google Keyword Tool to Find Strong Keywords

  • January 25, 2012 /

In my last blog post entitled Keywords and Keyword Research – What’s the Big Deal? I emphasized the importance of doing keyword research, but didn’t give instructions how to do so.  There are many tools available to use for keyword research, some paid and some free, but I’d have to say the most commonly used tool is the Google keyword tool known as KeywordToolExternal.  To find this tool, simply google for “keyword research” and click on the link that is given leading to the KeywordToolExternal, or, after reading this blog post on how to use the tool, bookmark or favorite this page so you can remember how to use the tool, and click here to get to it.


To use the free google keyword tool to find strong keywords, you need to brainstorm on what could be some important words for your business or somehow related to your business that people would be searching for.  For instance, if you had a business in health and wellness, you might make a list with the words, “health and wellness, health, wellness, how to eat healthy, how to eat healthier, how to stay healthy, healthy foods for cancer, healthy foods for diabetes, fitness, and so on.  You might include names of famous people in this industry who people may be searching for, or specific health and wellness foods, products, or brands.  Then you enter them into the input box in the google keyword tool (KeywordToolExternal) and see what the tool tells you about which of these phrases would be strong keywords or not.

Here’s a screenshot of what the tool looks like when you first click on the link I provide above.  Just click on the image if you’d like to zoom in and see it better.

When you fill it in, it will look more like this:

The competition column should be low or medium and the number of searches should be high.  When you find words like this, you put them in the title of your postings, the summaries, the headings of sections, the body of the blog post or article in various places, and in the titles of images or videos that you use.

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