How to Add a Plugin To Your WordPress Blog

  • January 13, 2016 /

Some of you who have read my previous blog about the Comment Luv plugin have wanted to add it but aren’t sure how. This blog post will explain how to add Comment Luv or any plugin to your WordPress blog. There are many excellent plugins out there to help you with SEO, google analytics, automatically posting or tweeting, and many other tasks. For the sake of this post, I have deleted my Comment Luv plugin so I can add it in again and show how.

If the screenshots are too small for you to see, just double click on the image it will expand.

Below is a screenshot without this plugin added. It shows a normal comment box at the bottom of my post.

Now I go into the admin area and I look at the left margin. Under the heading “Plugins” I click “Add New”

Then I see the following screen and I enter the name of the plugin in the place provided. If you’ve heard of a plugin but don’t remember the exact name, then you can enter a little about what the plugin does into the google search bar and google helps find the name of the plugin you’re looking for.

When I click “Search Plugins”, I get a screen that looks like the following:

I click “Install Now”. The next screen I get is a screen that asks me if I want to activate it. So far it’s only installed, not activated. I click “Activate Plugin”.

Now it’s all done. The next screen will look like the following:

This shows that the Comment Luv plugin was added to your plugins and that it was activated. If you want to delete a plugin, you first deactivate it and then delete it. Now that the Comment Luv plugin was added to my WordPress blog, the bottom of my post looks like the following as compared to the screenshot above:

I hope this helps! Give me your feedback if you successfully install Comment Luv or other plugins into your blog.

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