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  • February 24, 2016 /

How to blog with SEO

There are many techniques and strategies that can be used to make your blogging efforts more effective. The main foundation for making blogging the most effective is using keywords.

Find Strong Keywords

I covered how to find strong keywords in a previous blog post.  This blog post will cover what to do with the keywords once you’ve found them. In the last blog post, I found that the phrase “Why Blog” was a strong keyword.  I show that it’s strong in this screenshot.  You can click on the image below to make it larger. You’ll see that on the top row, it shows “why blog” with low competition and very high searches.

Put your keyword phrase into an anchor text

So I decided to use the keyword phrase “Why Blog” in my last blog post.  In this post, I’ll show you the behind the scenes look of some strategies I did with this keyword phrase.  By the way, see how I made the keyword phrase of “Why Blog” into an anchor text link to my other blog post.  That’s another big strategy to using keywords effectively to create links within your website, or “intra links”.

Put your keyword phrase into a heading

Below is an example of how I used the phrase “why blog” in a header text (click image to zoom in):

The html code looks like this due to selecting the keyword phrase and then selecting “Heading 1” in the drop down menu at the left of the edit bar, like this:

Put your keywords into the images you choose

When you include an image in your blog post (which you always should), you have a place to add a title for the image and an alternate text for the image which shows up when the mouse is hovered over the image or when image can’t be found.  You’ll want to put your keywords in these places.  I’ve included an example from the previous “why blog” post of putting the keywords in these places (click image to zoom in):

Put your keywords into the SEO plug in pack that you choose

You should always have an SEO plugin.  There are many SEO plugins.  Some of the top choices are All In One SEO pack and Platinum SEO Pack.  When you install them, they provide a space below the blog post that you’re entering to enter a title, description, and keywords.  Make sure you include your strong keywords in all of these places.  By the way, the title you include here is the title that appears in the tab at the top of the screen when someone is reading your blog post.  Here’s what it looked like for my “why blog” post:

Always remember to include your name as a keyword in this section, though not in the body of your blog post.  You do want these blog posts showing when someone is searching for information about you.

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