Just Like My Child Foundation – a Hand Up, not a Hand Out

  • June 16, 2013 /

I spent a week in Uganda with the non-profit organization Just Like My Child founded by Vivian Glyck, and I learned so much that I decided to write a series of blog posts about the experience. This post is about the mantra that they hold to about giving a hand up and not a hand out.

While we were there, we visited several families that they had helped by providing them with heifer goats. We learned that they did not simply “hand out” the heifer goats to needy families. In order to qualify to get a goat, the family had to not only be in financial and nutritional need, they had to attend an 8 month program to learn how to take care of the goat as well as learn how to take care of a vegetable garden. They also had to build a goat pen in accordance to specifications.

This gave them a strong feeling of ownership as well as being an honor to receive a goat, much like getting a certification would be for us. This also results in a much higher success rate of families doing well with the vegetable gardens and milk production.

The reason this program started was because of mothers who needed treatment for malaria or aids. They couldn’t take the medicine because they didn’t have enough to eat with it, and they didn’t have enough protein for the medication to bind to. The milk from the goat plus the vegetable gardens would provide the needed food and protein that the medication required.

This program has been very successful in Uganda from the big efforts of Vivian Glyck and Just Like My Child Foundation, as well as the involvement of Heifer International.

If you ever have a chance to go on a trip with a non-profit, don’t hesitate. It will give you lots of insights into the organization, your own business, and life in general.

Check out another post from this Just Like My Child trip to Uganda called, Life Lessons Learned From Basket Weaving. I invite you to share this post with the sharing options below, and also to leave comments below. I’ll give you a backlink to your blog as a thank you.

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