Keyword research Using Soovle

  • August 10, 2016 /

Soovle is an interesting, fun, and easy free keyword research tool I discovered when googling for free keyword research tools.

What makes it interesting is that it gives you commonly searched phrases across different search engines – simultaneously.

What makes it fun is that it’s extremely fast.

What makes it easy is that there’s no account to open, no back office to navigate, and it’s as easy as entering a search phrase on the google search bar – only it gives more results.

It’s great to use in conjunction with the Google Keyword Planner tool because when you use Soovle first, you get more ideas of phrases to enter into Google Keyword Planner. It expands your ideas of keyword possibilities, and does so very quickly and easily.

Here’s what Soovle looks like at first when you go to

See how the different search engines are poised to receive a phrase from you? It’s almost like they’re ready to race each other. Then when you start typing something into the search bar, many phrases pop up coming from the most commonly related phrases from the different search engines, and it looks like this: (you can click on the image below to expand it, and then click the back arrow at the top left to return to this page)


Give Soovle a try, and see how fun it is for you to use, too – and how many new keyword ideas you get, more importantly!

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