Keywords and Keyword Research – What’s the Big Deal?

  • January 5, 2012 /

Keywords are the foundation of finding your materials online

Without doing keyword research, any effort for attracting traffic through blogging, article writing, press releases, and uploading videos would be hit or miss, with absolutely no guarantees that anyone would find the material that had been written or produced.

The reason in our businesses that we write blog posts, press releases, articles, or make videos is for people to find us, so before we do any of these things, we need to know how to do keyword research and how to find the kinds of words that people would be searching for that we can produce our materials from.

I have a friend who has a blog who has not been doing keyword research, and has been using this blog for a couple of years.  After doing some analytics on this blog, it was discovered that over the last year, the blog posts that were viewed by far the most were ones that mentioned famous people or titles of movies, or something like, “The Top 100 grossing movies”, and other things that people would be searching for.

He didn’t know this in writing these blog posts, but in retrospect, it was very clear why people were finding these blog posts and they weren’t finding the others, because the others had no strong keywords that people would be searching for.  So rather than writing over 100 blog posts in a year with a hit or miss kind of result, wouldn’t you rather do the keyword research first, and only write blog posts that you know and are confident of that people will be searching for in large numbers? And not just any people, but the target audience that you want to attract?

Plus, it makes it so much easier to write these blog posts or articles when you know what you’re going to be writing about, and have done some keyword research in the area that your business is in.
So before you can effectively do any of the strategies that I teach to expand your reach, driving lots of people to your website, you (or your assistant or VA) must know how to do effective keyword research.

Consequences of not doing keyword research

If you don’t do effective keyword research but write a lot in attempts to drive traffic to your website, it’s like trying to gather water in a bucket completely full of holes, or fill a bag that has a big hole in the bottom of it where anything you put in the bag falls right out again.  You will not be gathering contacts and visitors to your website if you don’t use words that people are searching for.

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