Landing Pages – What are the Two Main Types

  • June 15, 2016 /

A Landing Page Has 2 Main Purposes

A landing page or capture page can come in 2 main varieties: 1) offering a free gift to download immediately or receive in your inbox, and 2) inviting people to a free call, webinar, or series of calls. These two purposes have both similarities and differences. They both build your list, but in very different ways, and have a very different marketing funnel.


A Landing Page used as a Gift Page

A gift page very specifically offers a pdf, a video series, a short email series, an mp3, or a webpage of information.  Generally 5 – 7 emails are sent to the person who enters their name and email to introduce the person who offered the free gift, within a 1-2 month timeframe.  Often the new person is added to a newsletter list, and will get monthly or bi-monthly e-newsletters from the owner of the landing page until they unsubscribe.  Both the introductory emails and the e-newsletters offer opportunities to click a link going to an application page to apply to speak with the person who offered the free gift.

A Landing Page used as an Invitation Page

On the other hand, an invitation page highlights a certain opportunity to listen to experts via a single call or webinar or a series of interviews.  The strategy leading up to it and the strategy after a person enters a name and email is completely different than the strategy of a free gift page.   Anyone using email templates will need to be sure that the emails for a free call are all very different than the emails for the free gift.

In my next post of this series, I will cover why is a gift page important, what it’s used for, and how it works.  Then I will cover why an invite page is important, how it works, and how it’s used differently than a gift page.

Remember, that other names for a landing page include capture page, splash page, squeeze page, gift page, lead magnet page, opt-in page, invitation page, and free offer page. Check out my previous blog post if you need a reminder on what a landing page is.

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