Landing Pages – what they are, and other names for them

  • June 1, 2016 /

Names for a Landing Page

I’m sure most of us have heard the famous saying, a rose is a rose by any other name.  Well, the same goes for a landing page.  A landing page also goes by many names, but it is still a landing page in the end.

Other names for a landing page include a capture page, a splash page, a squeeze page, a lead magnet page, an opt-in page, a gift page, a preview call invite page, and a free offer page.  Whew, that’s 8 other names for a landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

So, what is a landing page, anyway?  A landing page is an online page that offers something for free in exchange for entering your name and email in the designated space provided. The free item might be a pdf, an email training or informational series, a video series, a page of information on your website that people can’t get to otherwise, an mp3 to download, or an ebook.  It could also be a free call or webinar or series of interviews to listen to and learn from.

A landing page should not be a page on your website, because you don’t want to have other links for people to get distracted with and click off of your website.  You want it to be a page focused only on offering the free gift or call, with only 1 action to take – entering their name and email.

This is what a landing page is, in a nutshell. The next post in this landing page series covers why you need a landing page.  For more information about Landing Pages, you may contact me here.

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