Researching client hangouts

  • August 24, 2016 /

We all want more clients.

We all want to save time.

Although networking in person can be fun, it takes a lot of time and you’re limited to how many people are in the room.

This is why you should research for places online where your ideal clients will hang out.

Don’t only wait for them to come to you with the great keywords you insert into all of your content. Go out and look for them, too.

There are many places your ideal clients can hang out online. There can be public blogs (like top 10 blogs about xyz) or article directories that are niched for your people. Another idea is to think of where these people gather in person (various events and conventions) so that you can put the dates and details on your calendar and show up there yourself.

They can be in special interest groups (SIGs), especially in the social media like LinkedIn or Facebook, where groups can be formed. They can be in meetup groups across the country. They might use certain hashtags in twitter, and you can find them by entering the hashtag and seeing who is tweeting about that (you name the subject).

The sky’s the limit. Just brainstorm, and use your google muscle, typing as many ideas as you can into the google search bar.

When you find these ideal client hangouts, pipe into the conversation. Start posting your comments, offer to be a guest blogger or article contributor. Have them get to know you. Be sure to offer them your free online gift so they can get on your list and into your welcome email sequence. This is another way to build your list, and with your ideal clients.

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