For 5-Figure or Beginning Businesses 

For those who need help setting up a business or putting strategies in place to get to 6-Figures, we offer 1-1 consulting about online marketing, launches, business automation and growing a stable business.  We will get on the phone with you twice a month for continued clarity and progress so you can achieve your business goals.  

You can also request done-for-you services from our VA team to implement the plans discussed, using 5 or 10 hour monthly packages. Additionally, we offer affordable courses to learn certain strategies and an ongoing virtual support group to connect with others and MAKE IT FUN to grow your business.

For 6-Figure Businesses

You have the resources, now it's time to get the underlying software systems and marketing strategies in place that can support your business as it grows. We also offer ongoing consulting and Virtual Assistant (VA) packages for those who would like 20 to 40 hrs a month of help from a techie, Online Business Manager (OBM) or administrative assistant.

For 7-Figure Businesses

For those who are ready to scale their business with a team they can rely on, we up-level your team as well as your systems and strategiesPrevent your growing business from turning into your 7-figure nightmare by getting the expert team support needed as you scale your business. 

We offer full or part-time staffing in the areas of tech needs, customer support, executive assistants, project management, and sales reps, that can be scaled as your business scales. We also include backup coverage for when a team member wants time off.


Betty Withrow

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Sue Paananen was SO helpful in continuing to move me forward in my business and in my presence online, and we got SO much done over the time of working together.  I'd recommend her in a heartbeat!

Now my website is great, my ezine goes out consistently, my email marketing funnel is working, and I'm bringing in more, promoting my events, and creating joint ventures.  Thank you so much, Sue!

Rochele Lawson

Sue worked in the way I absolutely adore, which is a systematic approach.  She communicated with me and welcomed my input on the project.  She put me at ease with her technical and creative abilities which allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business.

Bob Uslander

Sue's a genius! She not only understands the technical parts but she understands the big picture of getting your presence out there and coordinating the pieces.