Setting the Groundwork For Sustainability in Uganda

  • July 7, 2013 /

Project Grace is a branch of the Just Like My Child foundation helping families get better nutrition through vegetable gardens in addition to a goat, and Save For Health is another branch of JLMC, providing a program for families to give a little each month to the medical clinic so they’ll be able to use the medical services without hesitation for lack of funds. This is the third post in this series of my trip to Uganda for Just Like My Child.

The communities were divided into what they called parishes, and in each parish, 1 or 2 of the people who lived in that parish were trained to check in on and train the families in their parish, supporting them in the vegetable garden project, the heifer goat project and the save for health project, since there are too many families for any 1 person or small committee to check in on. These Trainer of Trainees, or TOTs as they were called, took great pride in their new position in their parishes.

A great ceremony was held while we were there to honor and recognize these Trainers in each parish. Each trainer was called to the front to say a few words and to be congratulated. As a reward, each trainer received a bicycle, making it easier for them to visit every family in their parish.

The bottom line I received from this ceremony is that this program will certainly succeed. Numerous locals were highly invested in taking responsibility for the success of this program. This is another way that Just Like My Child™ is giving a hand up, not just a hand out. It is something that the people can take on themselves, and something they are highly on board with.

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