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Keyword Research Using Google’s Keyword Planner

  • July 27, 2016 /

Why use the Google Keyword Planner? Google Keyword Planner is a GREAT tool to do keyword research for your SEO purposes. In fact, I find it to be the most thorough free keyword research tool available.

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How To Blog – Blogging Effectively Using Keywords

  • February 24, 2016 /

How to blog with SEO There are many techniques and strategies that can be used to make your blogging efforts more effective. The main foundation for making blogging the most effective is using keywords. Find

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Keywords and Keyword Research – What’s the Big Deal?

  • January 5, 2012 /

Keywords are the foundation of finding your materials online Without doing keyword research, any effort for attracting traffic through blogging, article writing, press releases, and uploading videos would

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