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* * * * Top 10 Tips To Drive Traffic to Your Website * * * *

Driving targeted traffic to your website involves getting content out there online that your target market can find. It does not include e-mail campaigns or ezines, since these go into people’s inboxes, not online where anyone can find them. Neither does it include social media very strongly, because your social media presence is mostly for people who are friends, fans, or followers, not the general public. So although e-mail series and ezines serve their important purpose of follow-up and maintaining connections and social media serves its important role of relationship marketing, other strategies are used for a strong online presence that directs people to your website, such as:

1. Strong Keywords

Understanding what makes a keyword strong, like high demand and low competition for words that people google, is THE key element in a strong online presence for the words that you want people to find you for. Here’s a tip – your name is ALWAYS a strong keyword for you, and should always be used, along with more descriptive keywords of what you do. Invest a day in learning how to find strong keywords for you and it will pay you back many times over. If you only use VA’s for this, have them show you what keywords they’re using and how they can prove that they’re strong – don’t just believe them without seeing proof, unless they have a well known reputation with success statistics. 

2. Press Releases

Every month for a year a press release should be sent out about something you’ve done or are doing. After the first year, you should continue to send out 4 to 6 press releases each year to continue to produce fresh news about yourself. Press releases can be about many things that you may not think of. 

3. Article Writing

Articles serve a different purpose than press releases. Although they both give you credibility and expert status, articles have much more of your content and don’t contain the latest news about you. Articles differ from blog posts also in that they are more formal and less casual, meaning that articles generally use third person tense and are not about anything personal, whereas blog posts are often in first person and can contain anything at all since they are not reviewed.

Articles can be put in a couple of reputable article directories as well as niched article sites. Reputable article directories have very high page ranks, improving your ability to be ranked high on a Google search. Make sure you’re including the strong keywords you’ve chosen from your keyword research, though.  

4. Blogging

You can get more creative in blog posts, but there are certain things to make sure you include, such as: a) strong keywords in various places, especially the title and heading divisions; b) certain plug-ins that will allow Google to find these keywords; c) an appropriate image to contain in the exerpt (this ties in with #9 tip below), ease to syndicate (put all of the social media icons with each blog post so people who see it can share it with 1 click, done by using certain plug-ins); d) one or more calls to action in each one; e) anchor text, meaning you have words in each post linking to other pages or other posts on your blog for a lot of cross linking; f) rewards for leaving comments, such as links to the other person’s blog posts (done through plug-ins), and most definitely a thank you of some sort. 

5. Uploading Videos

Before you can upload videos, you will need to create an account in a video hosting site, such as or If you use Youtube, your account should be branded to have a similar background to your website (we do this for you). Youtube has the 3rd highest ranking site of ALL sites online, after only and, but different than Facebook, the public can see your videos if you set them up to be public, and they are commonly used to give valuable content and/or advertise your site and/or services. People go to Youtube to learn things, not Facebook.

It’s much better to have a video professionally done that would show on your homepage of your website or on your landing pages where people first see you, but for content videos or blog posts, it’s perfectly fine to do these videos yourself and upload them into your Youtube account yourself, and don’t forget to sprinkle those valuable keywords in the title and description of your video, so your videos show up when people search for these keywords.

If you need help editing the start or ending of a video or chopping out mistake spots, or even getting the hang of how to upload the videos, we can help you with that.

6. Video Blogs or Vlogs

Blog posts that have videos in them that you’ve made yourself give you extra milage with page ranking and showing up on people’s searches. They often tend to be watched more than videos that are not attached to some written content, like a blog post. They should be kept short, though, like 3 minutes give or take a minute, and contain valuable keywords in the video title. They should NEVER allow related videos to be shown at the end, which will take people off of your website. It you’re not sure how to embed a video in your post and prevent related videos from showing, let us show you how, or do it for you.

7. Commenting on Other People’s Blogs

Believe it or not, commenting on other people’s blogs can really raise your level of online visibility. You will be seen on their blog, and presumably you will pick their blog such that other people who visit their blog would likely be your ideal clients, and their blog would be a high ranking website, so searches about you will come up higher on Google’s ranking. Also, you generally leave your website in your comments, so people can find their way back to you if they want to check you out. If someone googles your name, you will come up on many more sites when you practice this strategy, which only takes a few minutes a day.

8. Giving Testimonials

If you thought giving a testimonial only helps the other person, think again. It helps you, too. You and your image will show up in many more places online, and you’ll be seen as even more of an expert. Also, anyone visiting the other person’s website will see you in the testimonials, and have another path to find you.

9. Uploading Images of Yourself onto Your Website

This strategy is probably not often thought of, but have you ever googled your name or other keywords about your business and then clicked on the “image” link in the top left corner of the google screen? Try it now. What images show up? Is the screen filled with images of you and things you do, or is it filled with unrelated junk, pictures of your kids, or worse yet, X-rated images? It can happen. Now try googling a well known person and clicking the image link. Do you see a difference? You want to dominate the images that come up when someone googles your name or and checks you out to showcase yourself as the expert. Image domination can only happen when your image or images related to you (such as your logo or other experts you associate with) show up when you are google-searched with the image filter.Images you put up on Facebook do not show up here. They have to be embedded into other URLs out there, such as your own website (including each blog post), other people’s websites (such as when they include your testimony on their site), or online photo storage sites, like Also, the still picture that is chosen for your Youtube videos can show up on an image search (make sure you select the best choice for a still picture of a video and don’t settle for the one Youtube selects by default). By the way, these images won’t show up if they are not tagged with your name and other business keywords that should find you. Tag each one appropriately when uploading them. An easy way to get a particular picture to show up in the image search is to write a blog post around what happened in that picture and include the picture in the blog post, not just in your ezine.

10. Doing All of the Above on a Regular Basis

Here’s the hard part – doing something once, for a month, or even for a year helps, but is not going to last. Imagine how much content is uploaded onto the internet every day, and it doesn’t take too long for your content to get pushed down in the rankings by newer material that competes with you. Having a frequency plan and long term content distribution strategy plan is imperative to developing and maintaining an excellent Online Presence and driving targeted traffic to your website. EEK! I Need a Geek! helps you not only with tech support for tasks involving building your list, but with developing and implementing a long term Content Distribution Strategy Plan to expand your reach and showcase yourself as the expert in your field. This allows more people to find you online and more people to want to work with you and purchase your products or services. Fill out this application to talk with us about where you’d like to improve in your online presence skill set and activities, and how we can help you build or improve your Online Presence Strategy Plan and even do it for you!

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