What boxes do you have to unpack?

  • September 4, 2014 /

Last month I moved.

I had forgotten how very much work it is to move. I also amazed myself at how very much I could get done in a day.

For the moving part, I worked for 4 full days, because it all needed to be done and I couldn’t stop.

For the unpacking part, I managed to unpack maybe 15 big boxes each day, taking only a few days to set everything up at my new place.

It made me realize that there are no excuses.

There are no excuses for leaving my business ideas in virtual moving boxes, such as my head, a file on my computer, or a note in my files.

When all of the boxes were around my new place, I couldn’t stand to see them there very long and I unpacked them as quickly as possible.

So why then, have some of my business or product ideas gone for over 12 months sitting in their virtual boxes, never being unpacked and monetized, never nurturing my people.

I guess it’s because I couldn’t really see them. Or at least, nobody else could see them, so they didn’t need to be dealt with.

But seeing the dozens of moving boxes all over my new place created an urgency for me. It was painful to see them there and I would never bear living like that for more than a few days.

I need to take a stand with myself to be dedicated

with unpacking the virtual boxes in my business where wonderful ideas or easy-to-make products have sat quietly and patiently, gathering dust, since they didn’t create a squeaky wheel effect. Squeaky wheel or not, I need to open each box and complete the project that will grow my business.

In fact, I plan to create a visual for myself, such as a room full of boxes, and a name on each box of my business or product idea. I want to steadily attend to each box, so it won’t continue to gather dust, but will be brought into existance, or at least thrown away if it proves to be not needed anymore or obsolete.

I challenge you

to do the same. Draw a picture, just a stick picture is fine, of a room full of boxes, and label each box with your unfinished plans, ideas, and projects.

Comment on this post when you’ve done that, and better yet, comment again when you’ve “unpacked” one of the boxes, and completed bringing one of them into a real existence.

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