What To Blog – How Can You Make Blogging Easy?

  • February 16, 2016 /

What to Blog

Blogging can seem a daunting task, leading to it not getting done for half a year at a time or more. How can blogging be made easy? In the last post I talked about Why Blog, and in this post I’ll give you 4 simple tips to help you make blogging so easy you won’t believe it took you so long to blog regularly. You’ll be able to easily improve your online presence in no time.

Break your subjects down into small sections

If you have a 5 part system that you train about, break each of those 5 parts down into 4 small portions, and do a blog post about each, making content for 20 blog posts. That wasn’t so hard. You can also write about an event you’ve attended, a take-away you learned, or a hard-knock experience, as long as it all has value, and doesn’t obviously promote something. Take a VIP day with yourself and write 3 or 4 paragraphs about each of the subjects you’ve broken down, and load them all into your blog.

Google for articles

If you want to provide a certain content but don’t want to write the whole thing, google for the content, and then take bits and pieces of it to jog your creativity and fill in some blanks with your own knowledge and style.  It can really cut down on the time to create a post. Or you can just reuse some of your own written materials, grabbing some sentences out of something you’ve already written and spending 10 minutes tweaking it a little.  Remember – good enough is fine, we’re not striving for perfection in wordsmithing. This isn’t the same as copywriting, it’s blogging. You don’t need to wordsmith it as much, just be aware of those keywords.  You can always go back and tweak it even after it’s posted if something about it doesn’t sit well with you, but at least get it out and published to your website.

Buy articles from article retailers

There are companies that make their business selling ready made articles that you can purchase the rights to use.  Then you can browse through them, pick a dozen articles, load them up into your website, and schedule them to go out twice a month, and you have half a years worth of posts in a couple of hours.

Invite guest bloggers

There are many people who’d love to have a chance to be seen on your blog.  They wouldn’t be blatantly promoting themselves, but giving value to your people, and your people could easily head over to their website if they chose to do so.  If you want blog posts on your site 4 times a month, but only want to write 2 of them, invite 2 guest bloggers a month.

Besides making it easier on what to blog, you can make it easier on posting the blog if that’s what’s holding you up. You can provide the content to someone who can put it into your website and optimize it for you.  That’s another way to get past your blogging blocks and make blogging easier for you.

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