Why Blog – How Blogging Is A Great Marketing Technique

  • January 27, 2016 /

Owning and running a business is extremely time consuming.  The idea of writing an ongoing blog seems like something that only a writer would do, or people with time on their hands.  Why should business owners pay attention to this time consuming activity?  It seems like something that should be an assignment for a student.

Why Blog?

Blog for dynamic content

We need more than a brochure website. This means we need a website that will do more than tell about your business on 2 or 3 pages and give them your number.  A printed brochure doesn’t change.  Many websites don’t change their information after they’re set up, at least not very often.  Also, brochures don’t capture customer information, to continue to follow up with someone who is interested in our business.  Websites have bigger purposes than a brochure. Websites should be capturing visitor information to follow up with them automatically. The way to get more people to find our website online is to continue to have changing and added information, that is, be an active website.  Active websites rank higher in the Google search engines. The best way to have an active website is to post regularly in a blog that’s a part of your website.

Blog so people can find you online

Blogging is a very valuable form of marketing.  When you use strong keywords in your blogging, many people will be searching for these words.  They’ll find your blog, look at your website, and sign up for your free gift, provided the copy is compelling enough. They find your website best when you use strong keywords.  You do this in your blog, on a regular basis

Blog to be seen as the expert

Many of your blog posts should be about what you do for your business. Take this post for example.  My business is to help people with the online aspects of their business.  The subject is in alignment with my business, and the more I write about these things, the more I am seen as an expert in the field.  Your blog posts will do the same for you.

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